Gypsum Board – The Unique Building Material

Gypsum Board – The Unique Building Material

Gypsum board also known as drywall is a unique building material made of the mineral gypsum which is turned into plaster by mixing it with fiberglass or paper. Laid between two sheets of paper, this board is heated in a flame and then dried to form a strong board. A drywall can be cut into any desired size for building purposes, using drywall cutters or saws.

Common Benefits of Using Gypsum Board

The gypsum partitions delivered by leading gypsum partition contractors in Dubai have been in use for constructing walls. Following are some of the many benefits of these drywall boards

Comparatively inexpensive: The gypsum board is inexpensive and easy to manufacture as compared to other building materials. Hence, widely used in huge buildings and homes to minimize construction costs.

Light in weight: These drywall boards are light in weight but still rigid. The surface is quiet smooth and perennial which makes it very easy to paint making the walls of the buildings beautiful and smooth after the drywalls installation.

Available in different sizes: The gypsum board can be customized to cut into different sizes and shapes to suit the purposes of homes and apartments. They are also available in the form of sheets in various sizes which can be applied as ceilings and walls.

Easy to install: The drywall boards are easy to install as no plaster or professional skills are required for application.

Noise reduction: The gypsum board helps to reduce noise to a great level and can be further installed in two or three levels to minimize unwanted noise.

Easy remodeling: Being easier to install, the drywall boards can be used in large building areas for remodeling at a lesser cost.

Quick completion of interiors: Gypsum boards offer interiors of homes and offices to be completed quickly and easily. There is minimum possibility of cracks in the walls, no requirement of plaster for the installation, and it can be installed by the owners of the home themselves without any professional assistance.

Fire and Sound insulation: One added advantage of the drywall boards is its ability to prevent the spread of fire. The thickness of the board differs according to specific requirements such as for fire and sound proof boards, the thickness should be around 5/8 inches.

The gypsum board is extensively used worldwide and there are numerous gypsum ceiling contractors in Dubai that manufacturer and supply this distinctive and exclusive building material.