Why Affirmations May Not Be Working

"Personal intention carries great power. Intention is what you consciously or unconsciously aim for or establish as purpose. Your intention, if strong enough, has an almost unbelievable power to create your reality." George Leonard, LET (Leonard Energy Training) Principle #8

Affirmations are incredibly powerful instruments for creating your reality! However, when it comes to affirmations actually working in one’s life, there is A LOT to it; there are plenty of pitfalls people commonly fall into. It’s FAR MORE than simply identifying something you want to have in your life, creating a statement to capture that, and then saying it over and over again. Why is it that some affirmations work and some don’t? Let’s explore the pitfalls on the path of using affirmations and explore how you can make them work for you in your life.

Here are nine keys to ensure affirmations are working in your life:

1) It must be crafted in the positive, present tense. An affirmation is something you are claiming as true right now, not some day in the future. A good example is: "I am balanced and centered." A bad example: "I will be balanced and centered." Notice the difference?

2) It must be short, clear, and to the point. Just like anything, if it goes on and on it loses its power; it’s not as concentrated.

3) It must represent something you TRULY want. If you are affirming something because you think you should (so that others will like you, or to avoid some sense of guilt you may have, etc.) that affirmation will not work. Why? Because deep down your TRUTH is that you don’t really want it. It’s our deep-down truth that creates our reality.

4) It must be a stretch, but not too much of a stretch, in the sense that it has to be believable for you. If you are greedy you may set yourself up for failure, especially in the beginning. Miracles are absolutely possible, yes, but in the beginning, it’s best to start with something a bit more reasonable.

5) You’ve got to FEEL the truth of it in your being, on all levels. You can’t just "think" it into existence. This is VERY important and often missed. The mind is powerful, but your emotions are even more so; they are powerful creators. Think of emotions as "energy in motion." When affirming your affirmation you must feel the feelings you will feel when that affirmation has manifested in your life, as if it already has!

6) You need to identify and transform the opposing beliefs working against the affirmation. I’ve written a great deal about this sneaky little factor, capable of thwarting you on your creative path. You see, an affirmation is actually a transformative portal; in order for this new experience to come into your life, you must change who you are! All the blocks you have in place which keep that experience from manifesting must be cleared. This is the "work" on the path. Most of these blocks are subconscious and will rise to the surface as you work to manifest the new desire. Most folks have no idea how to deal with these subconscious limiting factors, so their affirmations never reach fruition. Helping people clear out their opposing beliefs is a big part of my coaching Program.

7) You need to see, say, and feel the new belief/affirmation on a regular basis. Think of your affirmation as a garden; you’ve got to water it and pay attention to it on a regular basis so you can experience the harvest and bounty you desire.

8) You need to pay attention to the ways in which the Universe is providing you opportunities aligned with the new belief, and then TAKE ACTION on those opportunities. The mistake here is thinking everything will be done for you, that God or the Universe is going to just make it happen without you having to do a thing. Usually there is a role for you to play; an affirmation tends to unfold in baby steps. The Universe shows you the next step, but you must take it.

9) It may take YEARS for any one affirmation to come to full fruition. In our society of instant gratification, many people do not have the patience it takes to manifest in this manner; they want it now and if it doesn’t instantly manifest, they give up. Typically the amount of time needed depends on "how big" of a change the affirmation represents in your life. For example, manifesting a cup of coffee could happen in a day, finding a great new job may take months, establishing a successful company may take years.

This is just a partial list of keys to making affirmations work. My clients regularly report that affirmations are amazing, miraculous, and powerful tools for co-creating a life that they love. And I have certainly found the same! Hopefully these hard won insights and tips will help you on your creative path.

Try this:

Take a good look at one of your affirmations which you repeat regularly; does it fit within the concepts of these nine keys? Check it against the keys, and make some adjustments… is it too long? Does it feel like truth? Is it something you truly deeply desire? Is there an uncomfortable feeling anywhere in your body as you repeat it which might signify a deep opposing belief, some form of criticism you heard as a child, for example? Are you watching for opportunities presented by the Universe – or are you missing them?

And remember, patience, patience. It is a practice. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: the key to your growth, evolution, and anything you want in life is PRACTICE. As Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen Institute and ITP, said: "The choice is not whether to practice or not. Every one of us is practicing something every day. The choice is what to practice."

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle.

Congratulations – you’re one step closer to your mojo!

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Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working (Or Working Well)

Few things are more frustrating than buying something new that doesn’t work. A significant financial investment like an air conditioner definitely should not be that way. There are key points to keep in mind when buying an air conditioner, and yes, you need to maintain it too. So if you have a fairly new air conditioner (less than a couple years old), read on for the reasons why it may not be working too well.

  • Too big. A unit that is too large will not remove humidity well.
  • Too small. A unit that is too small will not get your home cool enough on the hottest days.
  • Improper installation. Customers should pay attention to duct installation, unit location, and insulation amount.
  • Low energy efficiency ratio. An air conditioner model with high efficiency is important. At minimum, air conditioners need to have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13. Higher SEER ratings will equal greater savings. Look for an Energy Star sticker that gives the energy efficiency rating or calculate the rating yourself by dividing the watt rating into the BTU.
  • Dirty filter. Don’t forget to clean or replace your air conditioner’s filter. Dirty filters block air flow and will reduce your air conditioning system’s efficiency greatly. Air that does get through may carry dirt to the evaporator coil and limit the coil’s heat-absorbing ability. Some filters are reusable while others must be replaced. Filters should be cleaned or replaced every 1-2 months, when using the air condition often. Filters may need to be checked even more frequently if the air condition is on constantly, the house is dusty, or there are pets in the house.
  • Dirty evaporator coil. Even with a clean filter, the evaporator coil will still collect dirt, just not as fast. The evaporator coil should be check every year and cleaned as necessary.

For those with old air conditioners (from the 1970s and earlier), save energy by getting a new air conditioner as today’s most efficient air conditioners use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as air conditioners from the 1970s.

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5 Surefire Signs Your PPC Advertising Plan Isn’t Working

The right pay-per-click marketing plan will maximize ROI and create immediate cash flow, adding massive benefits to your business. Regardless of if you’re a new start-up or an established internet business, it really pays to build a solid campaign. So, to increase your chances for success, it’s imperative that every business owner learn what works and what doesn’t. Below are 5 surefire signs your PPC advertising plan isn’t working.

1. You have no objective

If you don’t have a comprehensive plan in place, you simply aren’t getting the best out of your clicks. First, figure out your marketing budget and then set some basic goals – like the target number of click-generated sales, your costs-per-conversion, and the minimum amount of AdWords conversion you want to hit. Once your goals are in place, your options are to DIY or to outsource to professionals who can take you from the goal setting stage through developing an exhaustive strategy to make sure you’re getting as much return as possible.

2. You chose keywords at random

Simply put, PPC advertising requires laser-focused keyword research to be effective. Keyword research is first done at the initial planning stage, but a competent advertising firm can continue to research throughout cross-optimization to produce even higher conversion rates. Keywords really can make or break your campaign.

3. Your copy is bland

If your advertisement is less than attractive, you’ve missed the point entirely. Your ad is your calling card. You want it to bring in quality leads whenever possible. Strong call-to-actions are one way to ensure an irresistible add. An agency that understands your aim can detail product descriptions and site location to better boost click-through rates.

4. Your landing page is hostile

Your landing page should provide the ultimate user experience. Your landing page should feature focused, simple content that matches the message you put on your ad. High bounce rates can be most often attributed to poor landing page design or unmet expectations. If your landing page reflects your advertisement and offers easy navigation, plus call-to-action buttons sure to meet or exceed client expectation, you’re in the game.

5. You display negative keywords

A rookie mistake, but some PPC advertising campaigns fail because ads are displayed for the negative keywords – those words that you have no interest to rank for and don’t match your landing pages. Obviously, this can be a costly mistake in the long run.

Keep in mind that this type of marketing requires on-going optimization, so it’s not just a “set it and forget it” approach.

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Equine Assisted Therapy – Working Small Miracles Every Day

Man has known the value of the horse for thousands of years. The horse has been by his side helping him no matter what the task, never letting him down. Once again we ask the horse to work with us, and now more than ever we count on their grace, their strength, and even their emotions to help us heal both physically and mentally. The horse could not be more perfect for this job.

Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) combines the use of the horse and their surroundings to improve the physical, mental, and behavioral well-being of all people. EAT not only increases strength, flexibility, balance, and fine motor skills for someone with Down syndrome or a traumatic brain injury, but EAT can also help an adolescent learn how to deal with frustration, anger, and low self-esteem. EAT helps people from all walks of life in a wide variety of ways.

GRACE Rides, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Niceville FL that offers EAT for the Okaloosa and Walton county area. GRACE Rides is a North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) member center that adheres to strict rules and regulations to provide the highest professional safety standards possible. Trainers and therapists are specially certified. Volunteers are needed every day for different tasks including assisting the trainers, caring for the horses, cleaning the facilities, and maintaining the buildings and property. Volunteers are essential for a successful program!

The horses at GRACE Rides are specially selected and trained to participate in the EAT program. Each horse is then carefully matched with a therapy participant based on the horses’ size, temperament, and any medical necessities that may be required for each participant. When a person first meets a horse, they must develop a bond of trust. Since a horse can sense our feelings, they react to however we are feeling that day. If a participant is feeling angry and aggressive the day they come to participate in the program, the horse will typically respond with fear and will be uncooperative until the participant resolves his/her emotions.

I have been honored to be a part of the horse world my entire life. When I was a child I learned how important it is to bond with each horse. Each horse speaks in a different way and you just have to be there to listen to them. Now I’m blessed to be working as an instructor with the horses at GRACE Rides to use my lifetime’s work with horses and my knowledge of the human body to help people in any way that I can. Whether I’m teaching a child to brush a horse for the first time; jump a horse for the first time; or even touch a horse for the first time; every step is special in my eyes and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Some of the people we work with have a hard time at physical therapy during the week, but they can’t wait for their session with the horses. Riding is hard work but you would never know it. Hands too tight to hold the reins start loosening up; muscles start stretching out from the warmth of the horse; and because of all the excitement, words start flowing from mouths that typically don’t speak. These truly are small miracles.

The horse is such a large and magnificent creature! I am reminded every day that I am blessed to have horses in my life to share such a beautiful and unconditional love. Thank you to GRACE Rides for allowing me to combine my love for horses and my desire to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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Working Through Childhood Issues

Have you ever realised that you have different attitudes in bringing up your children than your partner? I bet you have, otherwise you might be partly in denial or not be too involved in the education of them. The reason why the attitudes differ might be connected to the differences in your unresolved childhood issues.

Through my experience in therapy it has become very obvious that many of our attempts to ‘do the best for our children’, be it by teaching our children, supporting them in finding their own way, showing them the right way to act, being mindful of our fellow human beings etc are a way to resolve some of the unresolved issues of our own childhood. This obviously does not just apply to child rearing; we could in fact look at many other areas in life and find the same pattern operating.

Let’s have a look at an example: John is taking care of his 14 year old step-son Mark while his wife Julie (the mother) is at work. Mark asks to go to a friend’s place to which John agrees under the circumstance of Mark returning at 5.30pm. When Mark has not returned home by 6.30pm John is worried and mentions to Julie that they should pick him up. Julie does not see the problem in Mark being out at this time and does not understand John’s worry. They start to argue the point to which in the end Julie storms out the door and goes to pick up Mark.

So what happened underneath the surface? John was attempting to heal and work through his unresolved childhood wounds. Having experienced situations in his upbringing where he felt pain and humiliation where he perceived himself staying too long at a friends’ place and interfering with people’s plans John wants to make sure this does not happen to Mark. Julie on the other hand has no such comparable preconceptions or past history of Mark’s presence potentially disturbing other people’s plans.

Basically John and Julie are unconsciously comparing their perceptions of reality based on their differing filtering system. These filtering system, also referred to as ‘cognitive distortions’, are the basis of how we view the current situation based on what we have experienced in the past.

Next time you realise a situation is coming up like that, ask yourself: What part of my history do I want to heal here? Which ‘younger self’ of mine does need understanding, support, nurturing or forgiveness of having done something apparently wrong by doing the best he or she could with the resources present at the time? This is bringing the unconscious pattern to the light of consciousness.

As many famous psychologists, writers and therapists say: ‘It is never too late to have a happy childhood.’

Start re-writing your history now.

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Working With a Career Coach – What Every Job Seeker Must Know

In today’s tough economy, every job seeker needs assistance in landing his next employment opportunity in the most efficient and expedient means possible. The services of a career coach are targeted for individuals who are unemployed or in a dead-end job or are attempting to move up the ladder or re-enter the work force.


Career coaching as we know it today, developed its roots from corporate coaching of the 1980’s. At that time, large corporations saw their top performers experience professional growth and increased performance through the assignment of a life coach. This process benefited key executives across all levels of the organization. Since this time, Career Coaching has evolved to a service that is available to job seekers everywhere.

Working With a Career Coach

Any candidate who is contemplating a business relationship with a Career Coach should first be aware of how the process works. It is important to connect with a Coach who will best meet the job seekers needs. Initially, expect to have either a face-to-face or telephone consultation, to determine both short and long term employment goals. This is a critical appointment that provides the Career Coach with the background information necessary to assist their client. The Career Coach provides information about the candidate’s chosen career path, salary expectations, current trends in the industry, and provides advice on prospective target employers who hire for the candidate’s chosen position.

Services Provided

A Career Coach’s role is to train the job seeker to out-perform their competition in the job market. They routinely provide services such as career exploration, interview success coaching, setting up a strategic career plan, salary negotiations assistance, as well as advice in the initial career planning process. When a job seeker requires assistance in revising their resume, or additional career services, the Career Coach has connections in the industry they readily recommend. The average cost to work with a coach is between $75.00-$250.00 per hour.


While the cost of hiring a Career Coach may seem like an unnecessary expense when unemployed or re-entering the workforce, the benefits of the relationship can be the difference between landing a position, or remaining on the unemployment line. The coach spends time preparing the candidate for interviews and meetings with prospective employers, and literally guides the job seeker toward success in the hiring process. Individuals who work with a Career Coach are far more likely to get in the door of their target employer, and out-perform their peers in the job market.

What to Look For

Before shopping for a Career Coach, it is critical to know how to identify a professional who delivers results. Look at the coach’s work experience, ask about their professional affiliations, determine their reputation in the industry, and ask for references before moving forward with any one coach. Always know the Career Coach’s fees in advance, and ask about any guarantees offered. Above all, speak with the coach before making a final decision, to see if this is a person you will enjoy working with.

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Benefits Of Working With Competition

Every business has their competitors and often times, the competitor may reach levels of fierceness and intensity. Sometimes though, it may be beneficial to work with businesses that you may consider your competitors. Understand that this is not always applicable for every business, and it is up to the business owner to make the personal choice as to whether to affiliate with a competitor or not.

#1: A Competitor Can Help Direct Prospective Customers To You If Their Demand Is Too Great

Competition usually involves the business’s attempt to get as many customers on board as possible. However, small businesses tend to carry a different approach as they can only handle so many customers. Often times, small businesses may refer these customers to similar businesses. It might be in your best interest to align your business with a competitor as your business may end up with the leftover customers. Of course, you have to invest the time to interact with the competitor and work in collaboration with each other. You will also have to suck up your pride and accept that your business may not win over your competitor.

An important note here is that this point will not apply if your business goal is to be the best or among the best in your business type as aligning with your competitor will not be of any help here. Similarly, a competitor who wants his or her business to be the best will likely not align with your business.

#2: Aligning With Your Competitor Will Give You An Opportunity To Learn And Help Improve Your Business

There will always be competitors in your business type who are outperforming you. This does not have to be a bad thing for your business. If you can align your business with a really good competitor, it will present an opportunity for you to learn about the business and improve your own business.

For example, if you own a web design company and you can align yourself with a really good web design company in your area, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn about different programming codes and styles you might not have considered before. You can also learn about marketing techniques that you never tried before and target markets that you never considered.

As stated before, aligning your business with your competitor may or may not apply. This is a decision you need to research carefully and make sure you weigh the pros and cons before partaking in this decision.

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How To Keep Your Bathroom Plumbing Working Properly

Owning your own home should be one of those things that makes you ready to take on the world because it’s such a huge accomplishment. Unfortunately, you usually end up being nervous about everything, especially your bathroom plumbing.

Some of you might wonder what’s so problematic about the plumbing in the bathroom compared to the rest of the house. Well, it really has to do with the usual “life functions” that take place in the bathroom. The last thing the plumbing in that room needs to have is a problem because the last thing we want in our home is the stuff inside the plumbing.

The problem that a lot of homeowners have is that they are not very experienced when it comes to working on the plumbing in their home, regardless of the room. When it comes to the bathroom, we have fairly rudimentary knowledge of how to use a plunger, but in the back of our minds, we really don’t want to have to deal with that prospective mess. Still, you’re a homeowner now, which means you really have to be on top of things. Your home depends on your elbow grease to keep doing its thing, so enough of sticking your head in the ground – it’s time to get to work.

Here are a few very basic tips on keeping your bathroom plumbing working properly:

Always Be On The Lookout for Drips & Leaks – Listen to your toilet after you flush and watch your faucet after you’ve washed your hands. Do you hear or see drips? If so, you’re seeing two things: 1) a symptom of something that has to be fixed; and 2) money down the drain. You would be shocked to know how much water is wasted due to small leaks.

Try To Prevent Clogs and Blockages – Most clogs and blockages in your bathroom drains are caused by greasy build-up, hair, and other yucky stuff. Try your best to lessen the amount of these things by using traps.

Check Fixtures for Cracks and Leaks – So, you’re an amateur plumber, but that does not mean you can’t see something that isn’t quite right. Take a flashlight and look your bathroom fixtures for any developing cracks and leaks. The compromise of the actual fixture can interrupt the basic function of your plumbing.

Be As Proactive As Possible – If there is one place to be a little over the top in terms of trying to get ahead of things, it’s your bathroom. Find out if you have hard water. Check for limescale. If you are in an older home, think about upgrading the vanity plumbing. Give your bathroom every chance it can have to run well.

Your bathroom plumbing doesn’t have to be a menace to your peace of mind. Even with little to no knowledge of plumbing, you can actually do a lot to keep your bathroom plumbing operating the way it should. In the event that a problem may still occur, be proactive and seek out a local plumber with a stellar reputation & great service. Having a professional on your side is always a good bet.

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What Are Working Capital Loans and Why Are They Important?


Working capital loans are short-term loans that are used to finance daily business operations. While these loans are not intended for acquisition of long-term assets or investments, they can ease the handling of day-to-day expenses. Routine operational costs of a business may vary across businesses but in general, they are categorized into fixed and variable costs.

Fixed costs include expenses such as rent or employee wages while utilities (electricity, water, production costs etc) are covered under variable costs. As you increase awareness about your product or service, you also require working capital for advertising and marketing campaigns. You may also use them towards inventory purchase.

Why Working Capital Matters

With rising inflation rates and an unfriendly economy, many businesses are unable to generate the revenue required to fund their daily operations. As a result, business owners are often stressed out over stretching their funds to cover their business operations while funding other aspects of their business.

A working capital loan can help tide you over until your business gains a firm foothold and you are able to meet your day-to-day operational expenses. This can give you some much-needed breathing space during which you are able to continue business operations despite an inability to cover related operational expenses.

A significant cash infusion can make a huge difference to business performance. Gaining access to adequate capital can help you accept new orders that require increased production capacity or power up your marketing campaign to increase sales.

When Do You Need a Working Capital Loan

You could require a working capital loan under different circumstances. These include starting a new business, during expansion or for restructuring your current business. Seasonal businesses also need funding to help them stay afloat during lean seasons.

For example, a ski equipment rental business may require external funding to keep them operational during summer months.

Most lending institutions will require your company’s credit history, cash flow details and projected revenues to approve your loan application. Loan approvals can take as long as 2 to 3 months.

Types of Working Capital Loans Available

You can gain access to different types of loans, depending on your profitability levels and credit history.

Debt Financing

This is a great way of gaining access to working capital for those businesses that have run into debt and require funds for daily operations. However, you might want to be aware that debt financing institutions often have stringent criteria for loan approval and the process tends to be long-drawn and complicated.

Equity Financing

You can also generate revenue by selling shares in your company to interested investors. Some businesses also offer a percentage of ownership to potential investors and use the cash infusion to fund their business operations.

While this is a good way of generating revenue, you are forced to share ownership (and profits) with other investors.

Special Government Subsidies

Certain businesses enjoy the patronage of government subsidies that offer them loans at attractive rates. Businesses that are perceived as good for the country’s economy get preference for approval. For example, export businesses can often get approved for government subsidies.

Repayment Methods

Working capital loans can be typically repaid in one of two ways. One is by offering a small percentage of sales towards repayment. This percentage/amount is decided at the time of application between the lending institution and the applicant.

Another way of paying off the loan is to pay a small amount on a daily basis from Monday through to Friday. This method of repayment helps you build up a respectable credit history and reduces stress levels.

There are several online lending companies that offer to approve loans within a few days or even within a few hours. Before getting tempted to sign on with them (the terms are often attractive and extra costs may be cleverly hidden in the clauses), make sure you understand their terms clearly.

Remember that no-one will lend money without making a profit out of it. While government agencies may take a long time for approval, they are reliable and upfront in their dealings.

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Working From Home As a Nail Technician – What You Should Know

Have you recently qualified as a nail technician and you are now interested in working from home? Setting up your own business can be extremely rewarding; but only if you know exactly what you are doing.

The great thing about working from home is the fact that you get to spend more time with family and less time travelling. It gives you the same amount of freedom as being a mobile technician would; only you don’t have to travel at all if you set up from home. However, whilst it can be a great decision, you do need to know how to go about setting up a home business properly.

How to Set up a Home Nail Salon

The first thing you need to think about is where exactly you are going to set up the salon. Which room would be better? Do you want it to be separate from the rest of the house or are you just going to make do with working in the kitchen? You need to take into consideration the size of the equipment and the working conditions you will be faced with. Is working in your kitchen really practical?

Once you have decided where you are going to have the salon, you then need to ensure that health and safety regulations are met. You can do this by looking on the HABIA website. You need to plan the layout carefully and you also need to seek approval from local authorities so that you can run a business from your premises.

Another potential problem that you might find is that there can often be a smell that comes with the equipment that you purchase. This smell can spread through the whole house and that can affect family life. Also the fact that strangers will be coming in and going out at all hours can also disrupt family life. So you need to try to keep the two as separate as possible.

One disadvantage to working from home which you might not have considered is the fact that you will not have any colleagues to chat to. When you work at a salon you will regularly chat to your colleagues and they help to brighten up the day. You will still have customers to talk to, but it is not always the same. So you may find it a little isolating at times.

Overall working from home can be great and it gives you the flexibility that you need if you are a working parent. However you do need to ensure that you plan everything carefully so that you have the best possible chance of succeeding.

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