Limitations you will face while using payment gateways

Limitations you will face while using payment gateways

As you must know that there are different types of payment gateways which can be used differently in their own places this is why it is also very important that you are also aware of their limitations. While choosing the right payment gateway UAE you will also have to bear with its limitations. To name a few of these limitations keep on reading:

  • Understand the types of cards and payment methods accepted

This is one very important thing which most of the payment gateways very efficiently forget to mention to their customers. Even though most of them would advertise their payment gateway to be greatly versatile with a huge range of cards and payment methods, they don’t really tell which of those aren’t accepted. They not only forget to tell which payments aren’t accepted, but they also don’t mention where and when will they not be applicable. Before you make the choice always remember that you are well aware of the types of cards and payment methods that the gateway will accept but even before that make sure that you know your customers and their choice of payment.

  • Consider the international customers as well

If you are going to be running your ecommerce business on a large scale then you may also want to consider international customers or shoppers who can access your products even from across the border. With some payment gateway you will have to make sure that they will be accepting different currencies as well. The limitation which you would face here is that international transactions is going to charge you a higher fee than domestic ones so in order to gain international customers you will have to bear with the extra fee.

  • Security issues

It is very difficult to gain the trust of your customers when it comes to online payments because there are a high number of people who are hesitant to make online payments all because of security concerns. To be fairly honest, there are a few security limitations that one will have to bear with because not everything is safe out there on the internet. The biggest problem could be that even if the POS terminal makes the online payment which is secured yet the data such as credit card’s number will always stay on the server which is at risk of being hacked.