Why Affirmations May Not Be Working

"Personal intention carries great power. Intention is what you consciously or unconsciously aim for or establish as purpose. Your intention, if strong enough, has an almost unbelievable power to create your reality." George Leonard, LET (Leonard Energy Training) Principle #8

Affirmations are incredibly powerful instruments for creating your reality! However, when it comes to affirmations actually working in one’s life, there is A LOT to it; there are plenty of pitfalls people commonly fall into. It’s FAR MORE than simply identifying something you want to have in your life, creating a statement to capture that, and then saying it over and over again. Why is it that some affirmations work and some don’t? Let’s explore the pitfalls on the path of using affirmations and explore how you can make them work for you in your life.

Here are nine keys to ensure affirmations are working in your life:

1) It must be crafted in the positive, present tense. An affirmation is something you are claiming as true right now, not some day in the future. A good example is: "I am balanced and centered." A bad example: "I will be balanced and centered." Notice the difference?

2) It must be short, clear, and to the point. Just like anything, if it goes on and on it loses its power; it’s not as concentrated.

3) It must represent something you TRULY want. If you are affirming something because you think you should (so that others will like you, or to avoid some sense of guilt you may have, etc.) that affirmation will not work. Why? Because deep down your TRUTH is that you don’t really want it. It’s our deep-down truth that creates our reality.

4) It must be a stretch, but not too much of a stretch, in the sense that it has to be believable for you. If you are greedy you may set yourself up for failure, especially in the beginning. Miracles are absolutely possible, yes, but in the beginning, it’s best to start with something a bit more reasonable.

5) You’ve got to FEEL the truth of it in your being, on all levels. You can’t just "think" it into existence. This is VERY important and often missed. The mind is powerful, but your emotions are even more so; they are powerful creators. Think of emotions as "energy in motion." When affirming your affirmation you must feel the feelings you will feel when that affirmation has manifested in your life, as if it already has!

6) You need to identify and transform the opposing beliefs working against the affirmation. I’ve written a great deal about this sneaky little factor, capable of thwarting you on your creative path. You see, an affirmation is actually a transformative portal; in order for this new experience to come into your life, you must change who you are! All the blocks you have in place which keep that experience from manifesting must be cleared. This is the "work" on the path. Most of these blocks are subconscious and will rise to the surface as you work to manifest the new desire. Most folks have no idea how to deal with these subconscious limiting factors, so their affirmations never reach fruition. Helping people clear out their opposing beliefs is a big part of my coaching Program.

7) You need to see, say, and feel the new belief/affirmation on a regular basis. Think of your affirmation as a garden; you’ve got to water it and pay attention to it on a regular basis so you can experience the harvest and bounty you desire.

8) You need to pay attention to the ways in which the Universe is providing you opportunities aligned with the new belief, and then TAKE ACTION on those opportunities. The mistake here is thinking everything will be done for you, that God or the Universe is going to just make it happen without you having to do a thing. Usually there is a role for you to play; an affirmation tends to unfold in baby steps. The Universe shows you the next step, but you must take it.

9) It may take YEARS for any one affirmation to come to full fruition. In our society of instant gratification, many people do not have the patience it takes to manifest in this manner; they want it now and if it doesn’t instantly manifest, they give up. Typically the amount of time needed depends on "how big" of a change the affirmation represents in your life. For example, manifesting a cup of coffee could happen in a day, finding a great new job may take months, establishing a successful company may take years.

This is just a partial list of keys to making affirmations work. My clients regularly report that affirmations are amazing, miraculous, and powerful tools for co-creating a life that they love. And I have certainly found the same! Hopefully these hard won insights and tips will help you on your creative path.

Try this:

Take a good look at one of your affirmations which you repeat regularly; does it fit within the concepts of these nine keys? Check it against the keys, and make some adjustments… is it too long? Does it feel like truth? Is it something you truly deeply desire? Is there an uncomfortable feeling anywhere in your body as you repeat it which might signify a deep opposing belief, some form of criticism you heard as a child, for example? Are you watching for opportunities presented by the Universe – or are you missing them?

And remember, patience, patience. It is a practice. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: the key to your growth, evolution, and anything you want in life is PRACTICE. As Michael Murphy, co-founder of Esalen Institute and ITP, said: "The choice is not whether to practice or not. Every one of us is practicing something every day. The choice is what to practice."

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle.

Congratulations – you’re one step closer to your mojo!

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