Changing Cities As a Working Couple

Marriage is universally considered as settling down. The reason is simple – once you get married, you tend to stay in one place for long. This becomes truer in an age of the working couple, where both spouses are bread earners. The purpose, then, for changing cities is very often a huge career opportunity for either of the spouse. This entails some important issues which should be addressed before the decision to move is made.

Job for the Second Partner

The biggest concern is ensuring that the second partner gets either a transfer or a new job. Otherwise this results in one member of the working couple having to take a big sabbatical or resign without a job. Even if they get a transfer within the same company, their quarterly/ yearly review may be affected. Properly addressing this concern will ensure there is no dent in the household finances. Look for contacts and old friends living in the city. They will help you in setting up both professionally as well as personally.

Office Distance and Commute Options

The location of their home selected should be at a commutable distance from both offices. If personal vehicle is not an option, then availability of public transport to both offices should be checked. The best-case scenario happens if the offices of both members of the working couple are in the same area.

Family and Vehicle Concerns

After the concern of career opportunity, getting a good school for the children comes in next. Their education and daily travel must be planned well in advance. Changing cities also means taking in consideration the change in your vehicle registration. Moving to a different state may mean different laws in this regard.

Managing the Move

Packing and moving requires a lot of attention and planning. Since both partners are working, it is possible that either of them alone will not be able to devote the required time. The best solution is to choose a good packer and mover who will ensure stress-free shifting while both partners take turns in supervising the move.

Changing cities essentially means uprooting the eco-system for both people. Both spouses will feel the impact of this change acutely. Properly addressing the concerns will keep your settled life from being hit by the turmoil of change. So, believe that the best lies ahead and look for the big career opportunity to move ahead in life.

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